Monday, October 20, 2008

Playlist Fever!

Stacey got me HOOKED on this playlist thing for my blog. Every day I add another song or two to it. I LOVE THIS THING! It's like the world's greatest radio station. 

No Commercials and I know every song it plays is gonna ROCK!

Stacey writes an article in each issue of Scrap N' Art called Stacey's Scraptunes. Her article is about music and how it can affect a person, bring out emotions and old memories etc. I got to thinking, nearly every song on my playlist evokes some kind of emotion, a memory, a wish... a SOMETHING! 

So, I'm going to list some of the songs on my playlist and say WHY that song is special. Then, I want YOU to leave me a comment (even you people who stalk my blog and never leave a comment) telling me some of YOUR favorite songs, and what those songs evoke in you.
*I'm serious about you blog stalkers too.. comment this one*

Described in the order they played for me.

1. The first song that played for me was 'Grandpa' by the Judds. This song has always been one of my very favorites. It makes me think of my own Grandpa who is quite possibly one of the strongest, stoic, beautiful men I've met.  I love the 'calm' that this song evokes.

2. Must Be Doing Something Right - Billy Currington. This song is just SEXY. I totally get butterflies when I listen to it.

3. Barbed Wire & Roses - Pinmonkey.  Ha! Someone once told me that "I" was like Barbed Wire and Roses. For the longest time I wanted to get a Barb wired rose tattoo'd on my lower back... *sigh, the memories* lol

4. Strokin' - Clarence Carter. LMAOOOOOOOO I LOVE THIS SONG!  No, I'm so not a pervert. Well, maybe a little bit! This song is the first song I ever learned to Country Line Dance to. It's still the only song I CAN line dance to! The "Sleazy Slide". My girls and I (hey Bobbi Jo!) used to get down with this one at Dylan's Dancehall in Vegas EVVVVVERY weekend! OH how I miss those parties!  Yes, I tried it when I found this song on playlist and yes, I can still rock this dance! HA!

5. Radar Love - White Lion.  OMG Have you ever seen the lead singer? He was hot. Yes, I'm showing my 80's-ness.  FYI, 20 years later the man still has it!

6. Chrome - Trace Adkins. I'm fairly certain he wrote this song about me. He's so right on I should be getting royalties!

7. Love Like Johnny and June - Heidi Newfield. She sings in reference to Johnny Cash and the love of his life June Carter Cash. Theirs is a love story that held no boundaries. They truly did live for one another and they lived their entire lives showing it. Who wouldn't want to love like Johnny and June? I know I would.

8. You Can Leave Your Hat On - Joe Cocker.  Uhmm well. *blush*  To be completely honest here. I likes me some cowboys. You figure it out. OUCH!  hot-hot-hotttttttttt!

9. Poison - Alice Cooper.  Well, aside from the fact that I wanted to marry this man when I was younger. I attended a show of his in Vegas quite a few years ago. I made my way to the front row and he sang this song. He looked at me the entire time he sang it. Yeah, that totally boosted my ego! yeeeeeeeeah baybeeee!  ohkay. I have goose bumps LOL! This song is a GREAT all-purpose song *wink*

10. Jose Cuervo - Dottie West. Well, to make a very long story short. I lived this entire song. In one night. Every last word of it. Thanks to a dear dear friend who KNEW I liked to drink Hot Damn shooters, yet he decided it would be a good idea to start filling me full of Tequila shooters instead. sheeeeesh!

There were pictures... Bobbi Jo had a camera. I've never seen the pictures. Man... I wish I could remember.. or maybe It's better that I can't remember?

Now post a comment and tell me a story about a song on YOUR playlist. Don't have a playlist? Pull a song out of your ear and tell me all about it!


Crys said...

*blog stalker here, LOL* Hi!! Long time no talk!

So have you heard Billy Currington's new one "Don't"? It's almost as good as "Must be doing somethin right" Almost. Has that same sexy music going on.

Darius Rucker's "Don't Think I Don't Think About It" is just a good song.

Lady Antebellum's "Love Don't Live Here" another great one, the guy just has a cool voice.

And I don't know how into the "pop" scene you are but Christina Aguilera has a new one called "Keeps Gettin' Better" that's pretty catchy :)

Hope all is going well, love your blog as always, always good for a laugh ;)

Anna said...

That was a fun blog to read Krissy ! Awesome and so cool.

I don't have a playlist on my blog but I love LOVE music. One of my fav songs is the U2 song With or Without you. It reminds me so much of a good friend of mine who I was once dating but broke up with. Don't tell me hubby - lol.

Stacey said...

LOL~~ So glad that I am a good influence on you!!! hee hee
let's see.....songs....
"If you wear that Velvet Dress" by that song is just SEXY!!!!LOVE IT!!!

"Brother Wolf Sister Moon" by The Cult--Have you ever heard the drums in this song???? oiy...see previous song...

"I'll Be There for You" by Bon Jovi...reminds me of my boyfriend when I was a freshman in High School...nuff said...

"Your all the matters to me" by Curtis Stiller totally love this song!!! And look his name is Curtis!!! What a cool name!!!

"Just Like a Pill" by Pink that song just rocks

"Angry all the time" Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill...this song is AWESOME!!!

K sorry not too personal, eh? Can't share all my secrets or whatever will "I write" my Scraptunes article on??? Ya I put quotation marks around "I WRITE"
haaaa haaaa haaaa

phamil said...

Krissy!!!!! I love your playlist! I just went and added one on my blog! I love lots of your songs, see if you like any of mine!!! Billy Currington's "Must Be Doin Something Right" gives me goosebumps, and STROKIN!!!!! OMG.....I thought I was the only one that liked Clarence Carter!!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!! You'll like some of mine too, I just started it!!!

Wendy said...

My Mind is gone Ma'am, lol..and I seldom listen to the radio, he he he...But I have one song and your probably going to laugh...
"Run for the Roses" by Dan Fogelberg...reminds me of my mares and their foals...and a little bit of Me with Michael...I cry everytime I hear that song...

mosbarger said...

Oh, yes, Playlist. Leah introduced me to it a few months ago, and I am always in mine. I love it!!! BUT, can you figure out how to keep in playing while commenting??? I haven't figured it out yet.

Anonymous said...

Bon Jovi-Make a Memory!!!! Oh to be loved like that!