Thursday, January 31, 2008

Air Force 1

Hey, guess who flew over my place today? Whenever the president comes to town, his flight path always takes him right outside my front window. Today, I managed to catch a few shots of him coming in! If you click on the photo to blow it up, you can see a little better detail, though I had to crop them down pretty good.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008



Oh how wonderful it was to hear!!!! He had been waving bye-bye for the past couple of days when prompted to do so by Gregg or myself. (This is a huge milestone in itself, as he does not wave or point). So Gregg and I were waving at him today and repeating, "bye-bye" when out of those precious lips came the words "Ba-bye!" Gregg and I just stared at each other in stunned silence as if to ask one another, "Did you just hear what I heard?"

He didn't say it again... only that once. He probably didn't realize or MEAN what he said... but he said it and I'll TAKE IT!

Later this evening... he pointed at the light and made some grunting noises... WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO SO SO huge! Thank you for letting a proud momma ramble!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A few treasured shots & an update on the boy...

Mason started Occupational therapy this month, for Sensory Integration Dysfunction. He is doing remarkably well using the sensory diet activities that we have begun using with him. He is seemingly more attentive, easier to 'reach', and he's letting me brush his top teeth! This is SO huge! He has begun to play 'chase' with me, even looking back to make sure I am still behind him. All wonderful wonderful signs! He is still getting behavioral therapy multiple times a month, in addition to the OT which we will be doing 3 times a month for now.

Tonight, I began a three month class at The Children's Hospital where I will be learning the Hanen Method of breaking down speech pathology and giving Mason the Speech Therapy he needs at home! It's undoubtedly a LOT of work, but if it helps my son and I to understand each other on a more meaningful level, it will be SO worth it! We are starting from essentially a blank slate. Mason has VERY little receptive language (his understanding of words and commands) and he has ZERO expressive language... I hope to be able to work on this very hard in the next few months and the Children's Hospital is giving us that opportunity, thanks to a Grant from the Scottish Rite Foundation! THANK-YOU!

We have FINALLY (no thanks to CIGNA HMO) gotten Mason's second opinion scheduled for Feb. 25th. *fingers crossed*

Here are a few shots I got of my special 'Valentine' a couple of weeks ago!

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO in LOVE with those amazing eyes!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


I bribed, begged, threatened and ultimately FORCED my hubby to get in front of my camera tonight. Usually, my sticking a camera in his face prompts one of three reactions. My favorite (and most popular by far) is the middle finger salute. But lets not forget the finger up the nose (which I do believe runs in his family) or the flat out SPRINT out of the immediate vicinity! Pisses me off!

So, I told him that the 7 foot spruce tree that has taken over our living room will NOT be going anywhere until he gets in front of it to take some pictures with me!
Let's face it, I know DAMN well HE isn't going to take down the tree!

So, with literal TEARS IN HIS EYES (he's such a drama king!) and while he was repeating over and over (AND OVER) that I was 'Sucking out his will to live', we got a couple of photos taken!
It's a huge deal, as we've been married almost FIVE years and have NOT had a decent photo taken together since the day we were married~ So here they are. I really hope it doesn't take another 5 years to get some more... though it PROBABLY will!
Thanks for looking!