Monday, June 8, 2009

Ya ain't IN Kansas anymore!

Yeah welcome to SE Aurora, Colorado folks!

5 tornados touched the ground today in Colorado, this one just a mile or so up the road from us! It was a wierd day. Bugs were swarming and trying to get into the house by the millions! (I've never seen anything like it). Then sure enough, the clouds rolled in VERY quickly, the sky started to groan and THIS Popped out of the sky.

Not my photo - stole it from Stacey's blog - she stole it from the News =o)

Thankfully, this tornado which was on the ground for 30 minutes stopped just short of our house. We got away with a little bit of hail damage from GINORMOUS hail stones. They put some dents into my little baby HUMMER. Momma is NOT happy!!! Daddy - is gonna lose a spot in his garage!

This is Stacey, holding some of the hail stones that came down in her yard.

This is a very small area of damage that was in the tornado's path. This was in the mall just up the road from our house. The Pizza restaurant in here lost two of it's four walls and my poor poor JAMBA JUICE took a big hit too. I'm in mourning right now *sniffle*

The entire mall got hit pretty good. Stores had glass blown out, roofs lost A/C units, cars flipped over in the parking lots or were moved to the other side of lots. Homes had windows blown out and roofs blown off. Garages blown in and trees snapped in half. One condo I saw even had a landscape trailer dropped on the lawn - At least it was still in tact though. We saw a construction trailer that literally exploded. Lots of damage and thankfully at this time no one has reported any serious injuries.

We heard no warning sirens.