Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Story of the Purple Snake.

Last month I was in Orlando, FL for the CHA Show. (Craft & Hobby Association). It was my first time being away from my children for more than an hour at a time. It was heart wrenching to leave them at the airport. Apparently, I am having issues with our umbilical cords. I can't seem to sever them! My kids were ok and had a great time hanging out with dad. I, on the other hand found myself constantly checking my phone to make sure it was working. When it rang I raced to the phone to hear their voices! Ashli took this opportunity to manipulate daddy into letting her stay up all hours of the night under the pretense that she wanted to call mommy! HA! I had a terrible time getting to sleep that first night - until I found that Ashli had packed her pajammas into my suitcase. I smiled at the precious gesture and put her jams on my pillow. With her scent so close - I fell fast asleep!

On my last full day in Orlando, Ashli called me first thing in the morning so very excited and thanking me over and over! Once I was able to get her to calm down she explained that she had had a dream the night before that I brought her home a "PURPLE SNAKE" from FL. She was SO convinced that I had found this snake for her that she was thanking me already - very excitedly!!!!!

GREAT! I'm in a strange town, have NO idea where ANYTHING is, I have an incredibly tight schedule and now I have to try to find a "Purple Snake!" Thank GOODNESS I have family that lives in the Orlando area! Dad called to set up dinner plans and I told him about Ashli's dream. Dad made it his mission to find that baby girl a purple snake! They picked me up from the hotel - and off we went. I kid you not - the VERY FIRST STORE WE WENT TO we searched and searched and searched the whole store. Dad (who is apparently blind as a bat) saw this thing from a mile away and bee-lined for it! A 4' long stuffed "PURPLE RATTLESNAKE" (the last one). I cannot even believe he found that thing! We snatched it up and got out of there. I carried that snake around my neck the whole way home; explaining to countless curious strangers the story of the "PURPLE SNAKE". When my angel girl met me at the airport her eyes lit up when she saw that snake around my neck and squealed, "MOMMY!!!!! THAT'S THE EXACT SAME SNAKE THAT WAS IN MY DREAM!!!!" Way to go Grandpa! You scored!

Monday, August 10, 2009

We got Mountain Fever!

Went caming with Mom and Larry last weekend and got the bug... bad! I haven't been able to keep Gregg off of the computer as he's been searching the area for log cabins. After much searching and not finding what we really want - we decided to buy some land and build our own cabin! We spent the whole day today in the Indian Mountain area of Colorado checking out available property. This is the one we found that we just LOVED!!!! We put the offer in as soon as we saw it and hope to have an answer back by the end of the week!

I was trying to get a nice photo of the view, but this dumb dead tree was in the way. I guess Gregg was sympathetic to my plight because he walked over and PUSHED the tree over!!!!!!! Then, he went and knocked over a few MORE dead trees! My man RAWKS!

See? No more dead trees!