Monday, October 20, 2008

Day 1 down...

If you read my previous post you know I'm doing the 'Master Cleanse' that my cousin Keli told me about. Here is the jist of it:

For 10 (yes, TEN) days you eat NOTHING.

Drink 8 - 8 oz glasses of "THE JUICE"  
(8oz water, 2 tbsp fresh squeezed lemon juice, 2 tbsp maple syrup, 1/10 tsp cayenne pepper)
Drink a special herbal tea before bed
Drink 32oz of luke warm salt water in the A.M.

Day one is finished. It was no walk in the park that's for damn sure. I couldn't stomach the salt water flush.. two sips in and I was ready to vomit. So, I am ditching the salt and just drinking the 32 oz of water. Will this affect the 'cleanse?'  Don't know. But man! Talk about BLECH!  I managed to get down 5 or 6 glasses of "the juice" but had to take out the Cayenne pepper. Rather than mixing it into the juice I am taking it in capsule form. I'm not a Cayenne kinda girl... hot hot hot!  The tea is no biggy. It's not all that tasty, but it's better than any of my other choices at this time.  I figured I'd be starving by now. I've gone 44 hours without food at this point and surprisingly, I'm not hungry. When I get hungry I make the juice and that squelches that. Now, there is a BIG difference between NOT being hungry and MISSING FOOD. I enjoy food. I enjoy preparing it, tasting it, sharing it etc etc. So while I'm not hungry per se, I do miss food. The hardest part so far I think was preparing supper for the family last night. They ate a delicious meal of Country fried pork, potatoes and veggies, with a fruit salad after. Me? Oh don't worry about me. I sat, I drooled, I drank 'THE JUICE'.   I'm finding it fairly easy as long as I keep the pantry door shut and keep food out of my direct line of sight. I've heard the first three days are the hardest. I'm dead center into day 2 and am doing fine so far. 

Have I discovered a new me? Have I found this elusive 'mental clarity' that I was promised? Well, not so much. I think one day wasn't enough to see the bountiful rewards of "THE CLEANSE."   I'm still as spacey as I was last week. Last night, I took my shower. Been doing this for thirty-----something years. You would THINK I'd have this down by now right? Nope. I shaved ONE leg. Yep. Just one. *nodding*  Apparently in my fog I either forgot to shave the other, or my subconscious thinks that shaving just one leg is good enough.  It's a darn good thing no one touches them! (the legs)

I'm out, will try to check in again tomorrow.. see if we can't find that Mental Clarity buggar!


mosbarger said...

ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One leg??????? LMAO!!!!!!!!! I have heard about this...errr...on the Denise Richards show (Brett watches it!) You are one brave soul...I tried a similar cleanse years ago, with lemons, and made it to day TWO!!! BUT, don't let that discourage you...I have blood sugar problems. Good luck!!!!! YUCK!

paulien710 said...

whahahaha...... you crack me up!!!!!
shave one leg...... lol

Krissy, I admire your spirit girl!!!!
Hang in there!!!!


Stacey said... are crazy!! I love my food!!! hee hee

Wendy said...

LMBO...One leg, ehh...Hmm that is a wee bit strange so exactly what is in that 8oz drink, lol...Tequila? Thanks for the chuckle and hope this cleansing is working...Not sure how you managed to make that delicious dinner for the family and not eat though...I'd have broke down!!