Thursday, October 23, 2008


Oh be still my heart. My little boy has stolen my heart TWICE today!

This morning we had speech therapy. Allison really pushed him hard. He was tantruming like I haven't seen in months. Each time she pushed, he pulled further and further away, threw himself to the floor and cried like we were torturing him. This made therapy seemingly impossible. And each time my baby boy fell apart, I did too.  I sat through our one hour session, and cried three times. Sometimes, I just want to run away and pretend that my son is a neurotypical child, especially when he has days like this. Therapy ended and we came home.  A little while later, I was sitting on the floor watching Mason play on the other side of the room. He eyeballed me. You know, that sly, fun sideways glance out of the corner of his eye. I knew it was playtime! I sat in that same spot and gave him a big smile. Then I puckered up my lips and stared at him. He came RUNNING and gave me a BIG BIG KISS! YAY!  He's only puckered up and kissed me on one other occasion and it wasn't all that long ago. Today, he kissed me probably ten times and I cherished every single one of them! Gosh, he knows how to make a mom feel better! 

Tonight, we were working on Turn-Taking at the dry-erase board. After about 20 minutes of this particular therapy, I decided to pack it up and call it a night. I erased all of the scribbles and waved to the board saying, "Bye Bye colors."  To which Mason responded by waving and saying, "Bye!"

what?  Did he just.. wave and SAY Bye? It took a half a second to register before I screamed and threw my child to the floor smothering him in positive rewards and slobbery kisses!  He wiggled out from under me, waved and said, "bye!" then ran to the stairs! Are you KIDDING ME???? TWICE!?!?!?!  He laid down on one of the steps and sheepishly watched me.  I waved to him again and said, "Bye Mason."  And yes, yes, yes by God he did it AGAIN! That voice was the sweetest voice I have heard in a really LONG time. And just what this worn out, beat up mom needed on a difficult day like today.


Stacey said...

awwwwww that is so sweet!!! He does have the sweetest little voice!!! Yay Mason!!!!

Helena said...

Oh I have tears in my eyes, just thinking about the happiness you feel!!!

Well done MUM!!!!!


paulien710 said...

Oh gosh....... I share my tears with you hon. This is such a big HOORAY worth!!!!!
I'm so happy for you.

Tracey said...

OMG Helena told me the news and I had to come over and heck this out for myself, I am sooooooooooo happy for you, I was showing a customer Masons picture in our shop today and for some strange reason he was on my mind all day, kisses are a major breakthrough and I know every word Mason utters is more precious than a diamond, so happy you had a good day together hon - ENJOY the moment, much love XXX

Wendy said...

Makes your heart melt!

Free Spirit said...

Oh you made me cry. I am so glad you had such a happy connection with him. I can never imagin what your life is like with him but he is a beautiful little boy so full of love.These are a simple joys and I am glad you are holding onto it. This is a huge milestone and hip hip hooray for Mason. ((((((big huggggssss )))))

mosbarger said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!! That is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep us posted!!!!!!