Monday, March 3, 2008

Goodbye sweet Capone...

My dear and sweet nephew lost his battle with a horrible infection that had ravaged his body this past week. Capone (my Pones) was a true ambassador for his breed. He was a pitbull who dearly LOVED people, he LOVED children and he made any person who met him a pitbull lover themselves. I can honestly say that I would not hesitate for one nano-second to leave my children alone with this beautiful animal. I have in fact done so, and I am not the only one. Pones was an exceptionally wonderful friend and I pray he is finally resting peacefully.

You have a special place Dear Lord
that I know you'll always keep,
A special place reserved for dogs
when they quietly fall asleep.
With large and airy kennels,
and a yard for hiding bones.
With maybe a little babbling creek,
that chatters over stones.
With wide green fields and flowers,
for those who never knew,
about running freely under
Your sky of perfect blue.
Lord, I know You keep this Special Place
and so to you I Pray,
for one very special Pitbull
who quietly died today.
He was full of strength and love,
and so very, very wise.
The puppy look that he once had,
had long since left his eyes.
He went to join his ancestors,
to Your land that is Devine.
So, speak to Capone softly please,
and give him a warm hello.
He's a special gift to You Dear Lord
from his family, who loves him so.

Goodbye sweet boy. We love you.

Little Dog From "AFRICA" No likey da snow!!!

We've been waiting for this moment since Matani was BORN last November 27th, 2007. "What will his reaction to 'SNOW' be?" We wondered often. Yeah.. he didn't so much care for it~ He tip-toed out to the grass, peed, his 'boy parts' touched the snow, he jumped about two feet into the air and ran back to the porch. Then, he proceeded to pee in the house. BLECH!!

Anyway, I did get some pretty cool photos of our little man (and our little girl) in the snow =o)

I shall interpret for you, I speak African Dog (Don't I Stacey?) LMAO.

"WTF IS THIS WHITE STUFF???????? That's it, I'm going home!"

"Oh wait a minute here... what is this? Mommy has SNOW SLIPPERS????"

It's time for EAT THE MOMMAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!
(see post below for the 'Eat The Momma' saga)

Oh he's SO TUFF! Barkin' like a BIG DOG!

I chose to post this photo, so that you all can see how big my little 13 week old puppy is, when he's standing next to my full grown ROTTWEILER! Eeesh. He may be a tad on the LARGE size! =o)

These are just some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Shots I got of Codi. She is SO much more easy to photograph than Matani!
Click on these suckers to blow them up and see them in detail! WOW!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

A little... scenario for you.

Life, with Matani

"Sniff Sniff Sniff. Hmmmm what's THIS new smell? Smells good. OH A LEAF! WOW! COOL! NEW TOY!"

*Leaves rustle as mom sneaks up with a camera*

"Huh? what's at noise?"


"Num Num Num. My FAVORITE game! EAT THE MOMMA!"

Hello, my name is "NO-NO! BAD DOG!