Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ehhh Scratch That.

Scratch that whole "Moving" thing in the post earlier. It's not happening.

The people buying our house decided to back out at the LAST POSSIBLE FREAKIN' SECOND. Actually, I got the phone call as I was shampooing carpets in my NEW house. Had to pack up the stuff I'd already taken over to the new house and lug it all back to my old house. Now, I have to unpack all our crap and don't even get a new house out of the deal. Oh, but I doooooooooo get to put my house back on the market and go through all this hell all over again. Fun huh?

I'll be in a better mood once the M&Ms and Smirnoff kick in. =o)

Friday, April 18, 2008

A decision well made...

Here it is! The confirmation I was looking for. The wee glimpse into fate which allowed me to see that we have made the right decision in selecting an African Boerboel for our son with Autism, and even more so, in choosing THIS PARTICULAR African Boerboel who we had such a rocky time getting from the get-go. Mason really has NO interest in the animals who live in our home. He seemingly didn't even NOTICE Matani when he first arrived. Even now Mason tends to ignore the 50-60 pound rough-housing puppy most of the time. But today was different! I came down the stairs to see this!!!!!!! My son, watching cartoons and ALLOWING Matani to lie with him! Yes! He finally let the dog in, and Matani took full advantage of the opportunity! My heart melted a bit... this is one very good decision made in our quest to help our son.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

So Much to do... So little time to get it done!

So I figured I better post a blog to let my friends and family know what's been going on around here! We have been SO incredibly busy lately that my head is SPINNING!

We put our house on the market at the end of February. Three weeks later we had a concrete offer on it. We accepted the offer and have until April 27th to be outta here! I can't even believe the house sold so fast! So, with the 'get out date' looming, we spent every single DAY searching for a new home, in the right area, for the right price, yadda yadda yadda. NOTHING. Zip, Zero, Zilch. Until we happened across a WONDERFUL home in a private country club community that was going into foreclosure. (This means we could possibly get it for WAY under appraisal value!) We put in an offer and never heard back from the bank... *sigh* It's okay though. We found ANOTHER property three doors down from THAT property (another foreclosure) and put an offer on THAT one. They came back in 24 hours with a big fat YES! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO We have a new house! A beautiful home too! We take possession on April 22nd! YAY! Perfect timing! And my big bonus????? Now, I'll have my very own SCRAP-ROOM! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This isn't a very good photo. It's the photo off of the real estate site. I'll get some good ones of the outside once we get in there! I did however take a few decent shots of the INSIDE that I'll post for ya.

This is Ashli standing just beyond the foyer. When you walk in, there is a 'scrap-room' immediately to the right behind french doors. There is also a small hallway, coat closet and bathroom. Then you go UP the steps into the house. Off to the right of Ashli is the formal dining, and to her left are the stairs to the bedrooms and other bathrooms.

The living room. Cant seem to get a good photo of it without a fish-eye lens. It's roughly 17x20 and is sunk-in.

I am in LOVE with the new kitchen! Again, it's big so I can't fit it all into one photo. Love the cooktop and double ovens for SURE! hehehe

Another little 'happening' for us, is that Gregg was in a bad car accident on Wed. the 9th. A woman blew through a stop sign and Gregg hit her directly in the driver's side. She was cited as being at fault and both vehicles are pretty well totaled. Gregg is Okay thank God! He suffered a good case of whiplash and some pretty sore body parts, but is none the worse for the wear. THe other people weren't so lucky. They had lots of bad injuries, but are expected to recover. Now, we are dealing with the insurance companies and trying to figure our where we go next as far as getting Gregg a new truck!

With all this going on, it seems I have ZERO time for anything but packing, therapies, hanging out with the kids and if I'm lucky... getting dinner on the table! I'm thinking (hoping) that things will settle down MEASURABLY when we get moved and settled into our new house!

Oh, and for my dear friend Crys.. here's the puppy update! He's huge. Like STOCKY huge! Probably upwards of 50-55 pounds and 100% PUPPY! His toy collection is growing by the day as we are trying to preserve what furnishings we have left! He is an ornery little thing, but the sweetest snuggler I've had the pleasure of sleeping with. Yes... I let this beast (and my rottweiler, and my 20 lb cat) sleep in bed with me when Gregg is working. =o) It's Colorado.. It's COLD... They keep me WARM! Anyway, here are some more recent pics of the little guy!