Thursday, December 13, 2007

A little bit of Christmas...

Here are some photos I took last night of our Christmas tree. I took some close-ups of ornaments after seeing it done SO beautifully by some fellow scrap-bookers.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

A boy and his lights...

This was the first Christmas that Mason was able to 'help' decorate (and subsequently UN-decorate) our Christmas tree. After I spent some good 'quality' time untangling the lights, Mason promptly jumped right into them and tied them all back up again!Lucky for me, I had my camera and tripod standing close by and I was able to work on my LOW light / fast child photography. That's a tricky little buggar!

I am just in love with the above photo.

What can I buy with a Lollipop?

Me - Ashli, we need to take some pictures for your Grandma.
Ashli - No.
Me - Ashli, Grandma NEEDS some cute pics of you in your NEW Santa hat!!!
Ashli - Oh. Okayyyyyyyy.
Me- Can you make a sad face? Grandma wants a pic with a SAD face.
Ashli - Smiles.
Me - No, honey. A sad face, like Thomas can you do a sad face?
Ashli - No.
Me (fed up, after 30 minutes of this) - What If I give you a lollipop?
Ashli - (suddenly excited and feeling cooperative) OKAY!!!!!
Me - Okay, before you get a lollipop you have to show me a sad face Okay?
Ashli - Gives me THESE faces... for the NEXT 20 minutes while demanding her 'payment'.

I give up. She just doesn't 'DO' sad faces Grandma! LOL!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ashli goes to school... *tears*

Today was the day I have been dreading for 3.5 years. The first day of school! We knew it was time... she's been begging us to go to school since she could talk. We've always put it off. "She's too young." We'd tell ourselves. *sigh* Well, with Mason having to under-go so much therapy, and Ashli being pushed to the back on those days, we figured we owe it to her to get her into something that is JUST for ASHLI! So, on Tues. and Thurs. our precious girl will be attending pre-school, and on those days while she is away, Mason will have his therapies.

We woke up early today, had breakfast and got ourselves ready for Ashli's big day. She was SO excited to finally be 'big enough' to go to school! Ashli grabbed her brand new Thomas The Tank Engine (of course) pack-pack, and we were out the door. Of course, we had to pause in the front yard for 10 minutes while mommy took a bunch of pics... and Ashli did NOT cooperate at all. (of course). Then, we all packed into the car and off we went! Daddy walked Ashli into school as mommy trailed behind taking more photos. (Of course). We came to her room, signed her in and introduced her to her teachers and the other kids in her class. She melted right into the room like she'd been there all her life! Not so much as a single glance backward.... it was quite sad for me! She walked away, with no tears, no doubts, no fear. I (of course) walked away with all of the above. I missed her so while she was in school. But when I arrived to pick her up, the smile on her face was worth every tear I had shed. She had a BLAST at school today! She made artwork, she played, she made TWO new best friends! And, she is rehearsing for the Christmas Show, which she will have a part in, in two weeks! WOW! My little angel is growing up. *sniffle* I'm just SO not ready!

Totally SPOILED!

Okay. It's been said that Gregg spoils me rotten. I haven't really agreed with that until today! My sweetie pie left this morning and said he was going 'shopping' for me. He said he wanted to go and pick up something he knew I had my eye on for a while. Well, guess what my sweetie brought home!?!?!? Yep Yep... a BRAND SPANKIN' NEW 2008 Hummer H3! Lovvvvvvvvvve it! Good-bye little death-trap sardine can, HELLOOOOOOOOO Brute FORCE! *Sigh* he really is SO good to me!!!