Friday, October 24, 2008

Look Ma! No Ponies!

Just a quick little post tonight to show you a lovely photo that I took of Ashli this  morning. The poor thing woke up with no voice! I told her that I would have to keep her home from school today because she was feeling so poorly. She mustered up the sweetest (croaky) voice she could and said, "Look momma! I'm feeling better now! Can I pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease go to school?" I told her we'd have to wait a few hours and see how she was feeling when it came time to get ready and she politely reminded me that she just HAD to go to school today because it was picture day!

 How can I argue with that? 

So today, was the first day I actually "did" Ashli's hair. Curling iron and all. Not that her thin silky hair will hold a curl, but hey.. I tried. *shrug* We ditched our usual pony tail and opted for a more elegant down-do. She looked so amazingly beautiful that I just couldn't take my eyes off of her! Then it hit me... School photographers (for the most part) suck! So, I grabbed my own camera and snapped off a few shots before that beautiful hair got ruined on the playground.

I was telling myself, "self.." I call myself 'self'. I said, "Self, you sure do have one beautiful little girl, and you know what makes this little girl so incredibly beautiful? The simple fact, that she is the most gorgeous person this world has ever seen... on the inside. That inner beauty just radiates through every pore in her beautiful little face."

P.S. Mason waved and said, "Bye" probably 15-20 times today!

 I'm a very lucky momma. =o)


paulien710 said...

Ohhhhhhhhh Krissy.... she is such a natural BEAUTY!!!!!!! I told you that, many times!!!!

A beautiful picture indeed!

he hee on Mason.... he sure wants to please you. So cute!!!!!

Helena said...

Oh wow, what a fantastic beautiful photo, wow!! And you are so right school photographers are usually useless!!!!


Helen said...

*sigh*...what a photo. And your boy *double sigh* - you are one lucky Mum.

Anna said...

Awwww she is such a beauty. Gorgeous pic of a gorgeous little girl. I hope she is feeling better.

Mason WTG !!!!!

You are an amazing mother Krissy !

Wendy said...

Oh Krissy what a precious beautiful young lady!! Great photo and Fantastic blog post!!

Stacey said...

OHHHHHH wow!!!! What a gorgeous picture!!!!! LOVE her hair like that!!!

Sasha said...

Awwww that is just such a beautiful picture of her, and of course mama how could you deny a face like that of her school pics .. even though mama's pics will always be better and FREE. LOL

Talk to you later

Tracey said...

Well - what can I say - she is soooo much like her momma - beautiful photo Krissy and her hair looks so pretty XXX

mosbarger said...

Way to go, MASON!!!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!!! He'll get me!!!! BEAUTIFUL picture of Ashli...she looks so grown up!!!!! You should see Lexi's school pic....LMAO!!!!!! Brett and I just cracked up when we saw it!!! Oh well!!!! Do we not have the most beautiful girls..ever?? I guess the Mosbargers are good for SOMETHING! Wait! I'm not giving them the credit! LOL!!!