Thursday, October 30, 2008

A little Trunk-or-Treat!

What a BUSY day! But really,  aren't they all busy anymore?  Today we had Speech Therapy in the morning, and then it was time to get down to PUMPKIN business! Every year I lop the top off of some hideously large, unsuspecting orange gourd and let my little princess dig in! Her favorite? Halloween activity is to get the "oooooey gooooey punkin guts" out of that poor vegetable. Don't laugh, it makes for GREAT photos!

Mason, on the other hand is very "Anti-Goo"  and would rather kick his feet up and supervise!

After Mason took his nap (and subsequently woke up with Croup) I decided it was probably time to try on our costumes and make sure they fit properly! Afterall, we had to meet up with Stacey, Curt and their kids in two hours for Trunk-or-Treat. It would SUCK if the costumes didn't fit!

Yeah.. she rocks. My little 'princess' thought better than to dress up as Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine or some other form of pretty pretty. 'MY' girl says, "Momma, I wanna be a pirate".
My - Pirate Princess. (Scrapbook Album to follow) LMAO!

And to introduce you to the most adorable vegetable you have ever laid eyes on... 
*insert drum roll here*

And Matani wondering what the HELL we did to his boy!

Hehehe Just kiddin, here is the front photo!

The making of a Pirate.... princess.

Step 1. Dark eye makeup. I'm not sure why, but ALL pirates have dark eye makeup. 
Thank you Jack Sparrow!

Step 2. Glitter. All princesses must have some bling right? Even the pirate types.

Step 3. Ashli wanted a beard.  *shaking head*  I obliged.

This is her best, "ARGGGHHHH MATEY" look!

Cool right? This is my pumpkin all lit up. I gave it the Pirate look, as it seemed fitting with.. well.. you know. The whole PIRATE thing we have going on here. 

Off to Trunk-or-Treat with some good friends, and one very cool Brat Cat! This is Ashli with her "bestest friend" Calista. I love that she has someone her age to be silly with!

I just had to put up this photo of Calista's big sister Tori. This little lady is just a knock-out and I love how this pic came out! A beautiful witch... with some SCARY hair~

I really like this photo of Ash and Calista. I wish It would have come out a tad more clear, but hey, I'll take what I can get when I have ZERO light!  Hope yours came out better Stacey!

One of the kiddos. I just realized I didn't get one shot of the older boys tonight! I'll have to take a few extra tomorrow night!  (Tomorrow is actually Halloween). 

Have a SAFE and Happy Halloween all!


Anna said...

WOW KRissy the pumpkin looks amazing ! You are so freaking creative girl ! The kids are so so cute. Happy Halloween !!!

phamil said...

LOVe these pics! ALL of those kids are beautiful!!!! I'm glad they live close so they can have these times together!!!!

Heather Taylor Photography said...

What little cuties you have!!! Great pumpkin carving skills, too! Happy Halloween!

Stacey said...

Ohhh your pictures turned out so great!! Way Better than mine!!! Your pumkin rocks!!! (so does the little pumkin- he was just adorable!) um was that a misuse of parenthesis? LOL!!
Thanks so much for coming with us! It was so fun!!!

paulien710 said...

awwwwwww.... they all looks so cute!!!!!!

Love their costumes

hope you all had great fun!!!!

Wendy said...

Oh Krissy they are all adorable!! Great photos!! I had never heard of trunk or treat until the other night when my girlfriend and her kiddo's were going...Once she explained it to me I loved the idea!! What fun!!

Helen said...

those costumes are just too darn cute and your little princess is the cutest pirate I ever did see.

Tracey said...

Tracey wanders off to find out what the heck trunk or treat is, meanwhile - awesomephotos girlie, looks like much fun was had by all XXX

mosbarger said...

Your pictures turned out GREAT!!!!! Mine weren't as good. Bummer! They all look adorable!!!!