Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Reflections... continued

Soooooo we went to the park the other day, after getting a tip from Karin that there really IS water in Colorado! You just have to DRIVE 20 miles to FIND SOME! Anyway, I loaded up the littles and we headed off to Wash Park to practice a little reflection photography. I really didn't get too many decent shots as there were "storm clouds a-looming" (as Ashli would say)! But, I did manage to get a couple to share with ya'll! Thanks for the tip Karin, it's a fab park!


Helen Hancock said...

"Storm clouds a-loomin y'all"???? What is that? *slap slap*

mosbarger said...

Verrrry pretty!!!!! I just love pictures of green trees...and water...oh, and reflections!!!! Isn't the park wonderful??? It's my fave!!!! Did I mention all the hard-bodied men running around in jog shorts?