Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Day At The Park...

While we were at the park having fun and practicing my 'reflection photography' I got some fun shots of the kids, the critters, and the scenery~

Ashli LOVED this beautiful old climbing tree that had ginormous branches that hung over the water's edge! And MOMMA loved the fantastic photo opps!

We were lucky enough to have Mason's Occupational Therapist (Mike) meet us at the park for a little O/T! Mason LOVED the slide routine and even counted ONE, TWO... THREEEEEEEEEEEEE! Before he raced down the slide! YAY!
OH OH OH! Framing shot! LOL~

I am not sure WHAT kind of wierd funk this poor tree had going on, but it looked REALLY COOL!

Hhahahaha, I love this photo of this curious Goose! I handed ashli a loaf of bread and let her try her hand at feeding the ducks. Within a matter of .08 seconds we must have had every duck, goose and gosling at the park chasing us down! This little guy was just as interested in my camera, as I was in him! Too funny!

After we ran for dear life from the starving mob of 30 pound geese, we happened across this little fellow who was just soooooooo cute we HAD to give him a few bites!

Oh to stop and smell (shove a macro lens into) the flowers! This park had great flower gardens with lots of beautiful blooms! (Thanks Karin!)

Here's our little squirrel friend (or Tree Rat, as daddy calls them) having a little bite to eat - courtesy of Ashli.

Here's another fantastic photo of Ashli curled up on that old climbing tree again!

All in all, I think it was a great day! Sure there were clouds making it difficult to capture any 'outstanding' photos. But the kids and I had a really good time, and all the critters at the park had full tummies!


Jodie Redman said...

Wow! Awesome photos! I love the one of the squirrel... I've never seen a squirrel IRL. I also love the one of the goose - he looks like he is trying to talk to you LOL! The one of your daughter on the old tree is gorgeous too!

Helen Hancock said...

OMGosh I am staggered - y'all - can ya hear me? Hoy! You crack me up girl - nothing new about that. Your Ash is just too cute up that tree; and the goose and squirrel come out to play ..... and then "over here on our left are some macroed flowers for your perusal!" WTG oughta get out more girl....20 miles ain't that far!

mosbarger said...

I agree with Helen- you really need to get out more!!!! Love the goose picture- I have some hysterical pics of them too. I wanted to post them all, but I had to get a VIRUS out of my computer!!!! But, I'm back, and it's (the VIRUS!) is GONE!!! YEAH!!!! And, no, he didn't call us...we had to go in and get it. I guess it was done on Thursday!!! LOL!!!!