Saturday, November 3, 2007

You want to go WHERE?

Yeah, so Karin calls this afternoon and asks, "Hey, do ya wanna go to the cemetery today?"
I of course, choke on my lunch and say, "Do I want to go WHERE?"
Yes, I heard her right. After she repeated herself for I don't know, the twenty seventh time, I finally grasped the idea that she was trying to get me to pack up my children and go with her and HER children to the cemetery. No, not just 'A' cemetery, rather, THE cemetery. The oldest in Denver I believe. And not just this 'AFTERNOON', rather, at dusk.
***creepy right?***
So yeah, sure I'll go. I have no other weird, creepy plans. And I would love to help her teach her daughter about cemeteries not being... eh.. creepy.
As it would turn out, and who knew... this was a GREAT idea. Not only did the kids see a real cemetery. But IN that cemetery they saw beauty, nature, peace and art. Sure they didn't grasp the concept or the depth of what this sacred place was really FOR but I think in some way, it actually may have helped my neice Lexi get over her uneasiness about what REALLY goes on in a cemetery. Now, Karin going at DUSK... That was pure genius! Well, as far as the lighting for photography was concerned. The landscape, the sunset, the beauty. It all just worked. So Karin,while I did at first think you were, well... creepy. Turns out, it was a good experience. The cemetery may just be the new Saturday night hang-out with the kids.
Okay, only in the fall. =o)
Peaceful Tranquility

I think this beauty speaks for itself.

Ashli and her cousin Jessi, together. Beautiful.

An amazing sunset shot of Ashli. It looks as if she's so deep in thought. So peaceful.

I saw this beautiful statue in the children's garden today. What a peaceful, yet awful place it was. I have had so many not-so-subtle reminders in the past two days that have truly shown me... that no matter WHAT I am facing with my children, it could be so much worse. I could 'NOT' have them. A HEAVY dose of perspective has been thrust into my face, and I 'get it!'
This statue is beautiful in so many ways. It instantly made me think of the 6 precious baby boys that I have in heaven, playing with the angels, waiting for their mom
to come home.

So I say, go all of you and visit your local cemetery. You may be surprised at what you learn not only about yourself, but also about those who live there.


Wendy said...

Krissy you need to check out my friend Colleen's blog. She also visits the cemetery for photos and does an awesome job!! There is a link on the left hand side of my blog for her site.
These photos are amazing!! I can just hear you when you were asked to visit a cemetery, LOL...I love the back shot of Mason, he's such a sweet heart!! The one of Ashli looking off in the distance with the sunset on her face is spectacular!! I love the first one of the tombstones, road and tree...You Ma'am did a marvelous job and I am just tickled now that you have started this blog!! Keep those blogs and photos coming it makes my day!! Hugs to you!!

Helen Hancock said...

OMGosh - go Karin! Yey for dragging you along K. How good are those shots! How good is that lighting! Breathtaking girl! I once dragged my Dad along to a tour of the interesting! I have to go back and look once more at those shots!

Megan said...

such beautiful shots! So sorry about the lack of help due to the PDD-NOS diagnosis. Just remember, you are his champion, and you are doing great! Thanks for that video on your sidebar, too. I really needed a good cry this morning!