Monday, November 5, 2007

The Voice

So, 'THIS' post is decidedly VOID of photos. Why? well, because I'm an idiot. Truly.
A long time ago, after a remarkable life altering experience with a pack of wild mustangs I promised myself to NEVER be caught without a camera again.
That lasted all of 4 months.
Fast forward to last week when I had a sudden insatiable craving for Schlotzky's (WHO came up with THAT name?) I grabbed my keys and that little annoying voice in the back of my head says "Hey, grab your camera." I say, "Voice? I'm not taking my big heavy expensive camera to Schlotzky's. I just want a sandwich." The voice pipes in again, "I SAID - Grab your camera!" I roll my eyes, ignore that annoying voice and leave.
WHY don't I listen to that thing? It's ALWAYS right!!!!!!!!
I pull up to a stop light and my head rolls to the left and what do I see on the 'STREET CORNER' eating grass? A herd of DEER. Seriously. DEER! On the flippin' street corner! I'm talking PRIZE antlers here folks, and I would NOT have had to hike to get em, they were right flippin' there!!!!!! I bang my hands on the steering wheel and VOW to NEVER ignore that voice again!
Meanwhile, I hear the voice --- "Toldja so."
TODAY - I was leaving to go to Linen's and Things (which by the way is in the same shopping center as Schlotzky's) and after packing a diaper bag, changing Mason and ushering my urchins out the door I hear it. Uh huh... that damn voice. "Hey, go grab your camera." Seriously? "You want me to go BACK into the house just to get my camera so I can take it to buy a shower curtain?"
Voice - "yes. I said get your camera."
Me - "Uh, no. Made too many trips already, I'm leaving."
Voice - "You said you were going to listen to me remember? I'm always right."
Me - "You're annoying, I'm in a hurry, I'm leaving... please shut-up."
Voice - "oooooooooooooookaaaaaaay."
On my way home ---
What is sitting on a fence literally 3 feet from the road?
A Golden Eagle.
Voice - "Dumbass."


Stacey said...

hee hee you are such a great storyteller Krissy!! I do that ALL the camera should just be attatched to me would be easier that way!!!

toofclnr said...

he he crack me up...sounds like me! ha!!!
great blog, hope youdon't mind me saving it to my bloglines....i didn't even realize you had a link to a blog...ha!

Wendy said...

ROFL...You MISSED a SHOT of a GOLD EAGLE!!!! OMG Krissy if you don't start listening to that little voice...I'm your friend, RIGHT? So I have the right to call you an IDIOT, LOL....After missing the bucks with the HUGE antlers you'd think you'd learn from your MISTAKE!! As I started reading your blog I was laughing as I thought you had missed a shot of Clay Walker...he he he...Now carry that camera with YOU!!! Thanks for the chuckle and the great journaling!! Now I want to see some photos, (grin)!

Helen Hancock said...

Seriously K....its late at night all are in bed and I am almost waking the house! Girlfriend you are too funny. Now I could rightly make cracks about hearing voices but sadly my little voice never shuts up! So I am with you....that is why I am laughing so hard because I have been there. That is also why I (ahem - Den) purchased a small Sony cybershot to catch said shots without lugging around the big momma! And the lesson is....have another drink to shut that voice up!!!!

Crystalyn said...

LOL!! Been there, done that. Get a tiny little point and shoot and keep it in your purse. It will keep the voices quiet ;)

So glad to see you blogging again! Love the stories!

Tracey said...

PRICELESS writing, love your homour Krissy, I can see you blog is definitely gonna be one of my faves eva TFS :)