Friday, March 13, 2009

Please help support TEAM MASON!

We are gearing up for the Denver Walk Now For Autism marathon! Our team comprised of friends, family and even a therapist or two are hitting the pavement to help support Mason, and Autism Speaks! I myself am hoping to connect and network with other families affected by autism, and also other providers and doctors to learn about new treatments that may not have hit the mainstream yet! We are very excited to take part in our first Autism Walk, and hope that you will help us to support Mason and the millions of other children living with Autism! Please visit our TEAM PAGE to join our team (if you are able to walk with us) or make a donation in Mason's Honor to help us win the war against Autism! From my family to yours, THANK-YOU for your support!

With Love,


Wendy said...

Go Mason!! We are behind you little buddy!! Hugs, Wendy, Fred and Michael :o)

Tammy said...

Wish I could walk with you but I will support you!!