Sunday, February 1, 2009

My little woodland friends..

Ironic.  This morning Ashli, Mason and I watched a movie I haven't seen in a REALLY long time.  Disney's  The Fox And The Hound. It had been YEARS since I've seen this flick!

Later today, I let the Wonder Spaz out for a potty break and he (as is usually the case) went ape-shit barking and freaking out. It's times like this when I hate having a see-through fence! Anyway, he was very adament in his bark. So much so that my other dog started barking too! I got up and went outside to shoosh Matani and see that he isn't just barking at nothing this time!  No, the deer hadn't come back. He pretty well scared the hell out of her last time she was in our yard! But this NEW little friend was NOT afraid of Matani. In fact, it almost seemed as though he was TEASING Matani through the fence as if to say, "HA! You big dummy! You can't get me!"  While this is cute, I know it's also dangerous to have a wild animal hanging around the house who is NOT afraid of the Wonder Spaz.. or me for that matter. Even so, we enjoyed his company, kept the dogs as quiet as we could and let our new friend relax for the many hours that he was here!

Then, we had a nice long talk with Ashli about staying far away from wild animals. Anyway, here are the pics I shot of my new friend Copper! Gregg says if I feed him, he'll shoot him. So, no feeding this little guy for me!

All worn out from teasing Matani.

Watching Codi go pee.

Not askeered of me at ALL!


Crystalyn said...

Oh I am dripping with jealousy... how precious is he??? Brave little sucker too!

Paulien van den Bosch said...

Oh my gosh.....
What a wonderful pis you took of your new


Wendy said...

Wow Krissy you did manage some fantastic photos of Copper, lol...I am stunned that he actually stuck around...He's used to people! He's gorgeous! I'm sooo jealous!! The minute our foxes see us they are gone like the wind!! It's frustrating but I so enjoyed your photos, thank you for sharing :o)

Stacey said...

awwwwwww he is soooo cute!!!!!

phamil said...

WOW.............what a cool surprise! What awesome shots you got! WOW......that's just amazing! He's cute, theones around here are all scraggly lookiing!!!!Matani sounds so much like Speckles!!! LOL! Love the pics!!!