Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sooooooooo Monday was Ashlis  bestest friend Calista's birthday.


What do three gorgeous littles do for a birthday? Skating? No, too much work. Party? No, too old fashioned. Sleepover? No, not yet. Zoo? No, too much poop. No, these little divas packed it up and headed off to the SPA. Yeah, you don't need to go back and read that again, I said "SPA".  Stacey found a great little place near our houses that is a spa, for kiddos. MAN this place rocks! Calista, Tori and Ashli all went in and had the works! There were peppermint pedicures, facials, glittery lotion rubs,  manicures, glittery make-up, princess (and punk rock) hair doos,with sparkly hairspray,  lolly-pops, jewelry, webkins, cameras, flashes, mama and paprazzis going ape nuts and two very tired (yet thoroughly amused) beauticians! We ended our 2.5 hour spa day with many walks and runs down the modeling cat-walk in the spa with the girls (Ashli) singing "Jingle Bells"  (of course) LOL!

To say the girls had a good time would be a devastating understatement. 
To say that the moms were a teeny bit jealous? Well... it took every bit of self control we had to keep our feet out of those "Toe Baths" as Ashli so eloquently described them!

Thanks for inviting us Stacey, we had a BLAST!

The girls kicking back with their feet in the peppermint "toe baths" while watching Kung-fu Panda. (Notice the facials?) Gah! I've NEVAH had a facial! I'm dripping with envy!

Calista's facial.. CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!  I think it was a white chocolate facial? Not sure.

This is Ashli after she had her hair and makeup done. She had a BEAUTIFUL princess hairdo, it pained me to take it out that night!!

Three little ladies lined up for their manicures... LOL!  Too precious eh?

Everything PURPLE! Fingers, Toes towels, rings, toe ring.. you name it~

Ashli's hair and makeup again  (sigh, i wish I could make it look like that!)

This is Ashli cracking everyone up while she was getting her hair done. She had everyone in stitches the WHOLE time!

Lovin it, and she's totally a natural. That's scary.

Sorry for the crappy photos. I was shooting raw indoors with no external flash and almost ALL of my photos came out blurry! I have got to get this fine-tuned!


Crystalyn said...

OMGosh are you kidding me???? I have GOT to find one of those in Portland!!! I never would have thought to look for one, and if I can't find one I am starting my own business tomorrow! How cool, looks like they had so much fun!

paulien710 said...

OMG..... OMG....

They are looking soooooo WOW,...
I never knew, this even existed!!!!
They truly look like little diva's!
Love Ashli her hair, and all these pics are telling, that they had an AMAZING afternoon!
he hee... too cute!

Amy Dodd said...

What a fun place for the girls to have a birthday party!!! Ashli looks like she was having a blast!! Next week I think the mom's needs to go have a spa day!

Juli and Brett said...

A spa for kids? Starting them early, huh? I wish I could go to a spa...they are just too expensive!
I love seeing your pictures. You are such a great photographer.

Wendy said...

Okay I have now seen it all...A Spa birthday, sheesh...But I can tell by your photos that the girls had fun...

Stacey said...

OHHHHHHHHHH your pictures are fabulous!!! How cute!!! err um Curt said to tell you that HE is the one that found Sweet and WHATEVER!!!
So glad that you went with us!!!!!

phamil said...

Krissy, looks like they had so much fun!!! It's great that you and Stacey live close by! I think the pics are super cute!!!!

Helen said...

No way!!!!!!! Get out!!!!!!!!!!! Tell 'em to share!

byondbzr said...

I am totally jealous of the princess treatment! Those pics are too cute and that day HAD to be a blast!