Friday, October 17, 2008

Pee.. Shots.. Snakes.. Fall.. and Cars. I've had 'THAT' day again!

Catchy title huh? I didn't have the foggiest idea as to how to better title this entry. What a DAY! I decided that rather than posting 4 separate blog posts about today, I'll just jumble it all up in post and you can bounce around just like my day did!
*lucky you*

My day started with a cancelled therapy session and an impromptu trip to the doctor's office. Of course, since Gregg was home sleeping I got to bring my littles with me =o) Always fun. We were in the waiting room, children playing behind the fishtank in the children's area when I hear Ashli pipe up, "Mom. I have to pee."  I asked her if she could hold it for just a moment until we were called into the back, and she politely answered yes and went back to her toy. Within ohhhhhhhhhh say... 10 seconds she looks back at me and says, "NO!" and proceeds to have her very first accident in better than a year. Yeah. Peed all over her jeans, her socks, her shoes..   I wanted to die. I had no other clothes for her to wear and I couldn't very well strip my 4 year old naked for the duration of our trip. I couldn't run out the door because I needed to see the doctor. So, being as creative as I possibly could, I hid my two precious angels behind the fish tank and stripped Ashli from the waste down. Then, since my teeny little peanut can still fit into 2T pants, I promptly put Mason's jeans onto Ashli, and put Ashli's things into a plastic bag. Then, they call my name. Here I come out from behind the fish tank into a room FULL of people. I have one child wearing a sweater, diaper, socks and shoes and my other little one is wearing a sweater, pants and no socks and shoes. Can you even IMAGINE the looks I got? Oh it was awful!  The only things that could have (and did) make that appt worse was Ashli happily announcing to EVERYONE who passed us that she isn't wearing shoes because she PEED IN THEM, and we rounded out the appt with a nice.. painful flu shot. yay.

*I have no photos of this... Thank Goodness!*

   The doc kept me in the office a little longer than I had planned so when we finally got out we had to FLY home to dress my two naked kids and then get Ashli to her pre-school  field trip at the Morrison Nature Center here in Aurora. We've been talking up the field trip all week and she was REALLY looking forward to it. We got their only 5 minutes late (thanks to mom flying 90 the whole way) and Ashli went right in and sat with the rest of her class and watched the puppet show. These people really put on a great puppet show! They spoke all about the local animals and taught the kids what is and is not safe when out in 'nature'. Ashli even got to pet her first snake! She was VERY excited.  This was a 3 year old Bull Snake. These things are EVERYWHERE here.

See? Snake. No fear. I KNEW where it was!
*see post below*

After the puppet show and snake petting, we all lined up to go on a beautiful walk through the nature center. The class walked ahead with the teachers and tour guide while I and one of the other kid's daddies stayed behind with our Canon Rebels taking in the scenery and the colors!

I got this sweet little picture of Ashli when her class was lining up on a small dock overlooking a beaver pond.  Somehow, this sweet smile and that sweet voice can make any bad day all better again. She's something else.

A little about LOVE... *and threats*

I have SO much going on in my life with Mason, Ashli, therapy, the house, the dogs, scrapbooking, Scrap N' Art, and industry related stuff that sometimes Momma needs a break! Momma gets it in her car...

My little Hummer is like my third child. I LOVE MY CAR. Honestly, truly flat out LOVE my car. It's going on one year now that i've had my little angel and I got to thinking today, you know how when something is 'new' in your life you can't seem to get enough of it? You crave it even? Yeah, that is how I was when I got my car, but this is also how I still feel about it. He (my car) still gives me goosebumps every now and then. And when the sun hits him just right I can still feel the butterflies in my tummy.

SOMEBODY... *coughgreggcough*  has begun "Threatening" my baby. Due to rising fuel prices and a crappy economy SOMEBODY... *coughgreggcough*  thinks that I should give up the Hummer and go for a more modest and fuel efficient vehicle...  *snort*  Uhm.. NO.  I don't want an Xterra. I don't want a Toyota Toaster Box. No thank you. I love MY car. I am fully aware that I am single handedly destroying the Earth with my 'Not-so-green-car'. And I'm OKAY with that! I have learned recently that once you find that certain something that makes you happy, and can still give you goosebumps on your arms and butterflies in your tummy after all this time.. 
you hold on to it. You fight for it. You don't let it go.

In honor of my 'FIGHT' for my car - I present... The Sticker.  A custom creation by Dee Gilcrease at AJ's Engraving in Kellogg, Idaho. Contact - 

THIS STICKER RAWKS! It took me a while to put it on the car... as I 
didn't want to offend anyone.
But now? Who flippin' CARES? This is my car.
I have a sense of fricken humor! 
If you don't like it, Don't Look.

*As a side note*
 Don't think I don't see you people CRACKING UP in my rear view mirror!

One last little tidbit for ya... If you read my previous "Fall Post" about the snakes. Well I wanted to photograph my car overlooking the lake and to do so had to find some pretty creative ways of getting him (the car) where I needed him. No biggy, he's a Hummer. He was BUILT for this.  We drove out to the middle of this field and I hopped out to take some pics. I squatted down for a shot and I heard it.   *Rattle, Rattle, Rattle*   NO SHIT!?!?!?  A RATTLE SNAKE!  Let me just tell you one little thing, I didn't even look to see where that sucker was, I HIGH TAILED it back to the car and only kept watch of the ground I was about to hit. So, no Wen.. NO PICTURES!  MAN I hate when those things just 'POP UP' on ya! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
But, the great shots of my baby were worth it!


Wendy said...

OMG...Lovely a rattle snake out there and you not paying attention, Ekkk....Do you want to borrow my snake boots? LOL...I guarantee you'll look sexy in them, LMBO...You are lucky you didn't get bit in the butt...One of the oilfield guys down here did and I won't mention what he was doing when he got bit in the butt, LOL...Sheesh Krissy and no photos, ugh!! LOL...
Love the Hummer photos and the sticker did make me laugh!! Too funny and I know your love...I can't believe how clean you kept it while you got it out to the photo shoot...Of course it isn't dark blue like my beast either, ugh!! Great photos and glad you didn't get bit by the snake...
The photo of Ashli is awesome. She is so sweet and beautiful, just like her Mother. It looks like y'all had a wonderful time at the nature center. LOL to the photo of Ashli petting the bullsnake and you okay with it...I have to agree with you if you can see the snake it's okay but when it startles you that is another story!! I was thinking the other day I haven't seen any snakes around here in quiet awhile...strange!!
I think you handled yourself in the doctors office well. Quick thinking on your part. Just gotta love our children and their moments!! Loved the blog post and thank you for the laughs!!

Stacey said...

Hee heee you are so funny!!!! You got some GREAT pictures!!! I totally Love that one of Ash!!!! You crack my the pictures of your "boyfriend"!!! LOL
((um I thought she a was girl??))