Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Deposit!!!!!!

Thanks to friends, family, caring scrapbookers and of course to My Acrylic Album, we were able to make the very first donation on behalf of Mason Puzzle to Autism Speaks!! We have created a tribute page for Mason and Mason's Puzzle. Through this page, we are able to keep track of the funds going to Autism Speaks in honor of my precious little man! Please take a moment to check out Mason's tribute page, and if you are able... please make a donation to Autism Speaks. No amount is too small!! Let's solve this puzzle, not only for Mason but for all children afflicted with Autism!
Check out Mason's tribute page here: http://events.autismspeaks.org/tributes/masonspuzzle


Stacey said...

yay!!!! Awesome job with the page too girl!! Congrats!!!

Wendy said...

Oh K this is fantastic!! I've saved it to favorites, the tribute site. Payday is next week and I'll definitely donate to autism speaks!! I'm thinking about adding a link to my blog too...Got any blinkies or buttons?