Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just a few photos from the house...

The house we bought has been sitting empty for at least one year, maybe more. The grass was dead, we weren't sure we'd be able to bring it back, but so far it's coming along! We have four trees in our front yard. One is DEFINITELY dead, one is definitely alive. The other two are really questionable. So off we went to the Nursery this week to pick out our new tree. This is a big deal for us, we love our plants and trees and buying a new tree is like welcoming a new family member! After MUCH deliberation and searching, we found our perfect addition! He's an English Oak tree. Slow growing and very very strong. We love him and can't wait for him to grow along with our family! (no.. let me re-phrase, he can grow UP with Ashli and Mason, we are NOT growing our family!)

Here is Gregg planting the new Oak, while Ashli supervises.

Guess who I walked in on "helping" me to paint Ashli's room? Yeah.. that was a heart-stopping moment! A two-year-old with a loaded PURPLE paint brush in my new house! YIKES!

I'm in heaven.. I found RUB-ONS for WALLS! YAY!!!!!!!!! You scrapper people know what I mean! These are Vinyl rub ons from These were the PERFECT addition to Ashli's new room! She loves her flowers!

This is Ashli's room (unfinished). I spent this week painting it the colors that Ashli chose. The darker purple on the bottom and the lilac on top. We're waiting for daddy to pull it all together with a beautiful chair rail to separate the two colors. Then, I have to paint a book case and add a few little things and her room will be complete!

Here's the back yard. I think I took these photos two days after we moved in. We had NO fence and let me tell you.. with "Matani, The Wonder Spaz" living in this house, we NEEDED a fence! Not to even mention what a pain in the butt it was to leash up both dogs to take them outside every hour or two! Thank GOD I have a very handy husband who was equally motivated to get that fence up ASAP! (I did help.. quite a bit too!)

Another view of the backyard. Don't I have such lovely weeds? The yard had never been landscaped, so that is our NEXT big project! YIPPEE! More trees!

And yet, another view of the back yard. This one shows the little deck we have off the dining room.

Here is my honey building our peace of mind. (And my sanity).

You know I had to throw in a shot of Mason's amazing smile! *sigh* I love that boy!
More photos to come, SOON hopefully!


Anna said...

The house looks awesome. The street looks like something taken from a movie. I hope you will be happy there. Again congrats

Stacey said...

Fantastic pictures!!! Love your new house!!! Love Ashlis room!! It looks great!!! Way cute picture of Mason too!!!! Love his smile!

Wendy said...

Krissy Oh wow!! I bet you are soo Happy to finally get in a new house. Yes lots of work but y'all look like you are doing just fine!! Love the tree, beautiful!! Love the house and yard and in due time you'll have it just like you want!! Thank goodness Gregg is so handy!! Love the photos of Mason...he's lost his baby fat, Ekk...He's not a baby anymore!! What a beautiful smile!! So glad you got that fence up I can not imagine having to walk the Elephant and Rotti every 2 hours and with Mason too, ekkk...Stay in touch I've missed you!! So do you have a scrap room?

Amy Dodd said...

House looks wonderful!!! I love those rub-ons for the walls, I'm on my way to check them out!!

paulien710 said...

OMG.... What a beautiful pics!
I so love that hence.... we don't see that, around here... Gregg did a great job.

And I so love Ashli her bedroom, and those flowers.... gorgeous.

And your son.... has the most gorgeous smile!!!!

Love these pics. TFS

Tracey said...

Your house is coming along beautifully, I love what you have done with Ashli's room, so pretty and those rub-ons are to die for, and I personally love the little touch of England in the front yard, XXX

Gabrielle Pollacco said...

The house is looking awesome Krissy!!......Say what???? Rub-ons for the walls???? Where did you find that?.....So cute looking too!....Loving the iron fence too!! Nice to see you getting all moved in and settled!!

(((HUGS))) Gabi

phamil said...

The house is looking awesome, it's going to take some time, our house was the same way, no landscaping either, but gosh, now it looks like a jungle! LOL! Love the fence comments! We have to have one too, and I still have a little "houdini" who gets out, our MinPin, Max, and he's 11 years old and still jumps and climbs over and goes to wander the neighborhood!!!!

Helen said...

OMG! I am sorry! I thought I was at K's old daggy blog and house. Let me introduce myself....Skippy from Oz...and you are???

Jenney said...

Those flowers in Ashli's room are ADORABLE!!!!