Sunday, July 6, 2008

I know it's not a great shot. I almost deleted it, but then I stopped... and started looking "into" the photo. You know? Matani is a little Crack Dog (See Matani's pool post below). He is hyper, only listens about half the time, is rambunctious and very VERY BIG! He's a true "puppy"... in a really big body. Somedays I want to send him back, others I love him to pieces. But one thing I've noticed about this 8 month old puppy is, he IS where his children ARE. If they are out back, He is out back with them. He is ever watchful over them while they play.
So, while he snores something awful and has reeeeeeeeeeeeally bad gas, I am grateful for him because he is doing exactly what we bought him to do.
Love and Protect our precious babies.

Okay, Okay Okay!!!!!! GUESS WHO'S IN A BIG-BOY BED!!?!?!??!
YESSSSSSS!!!! Mason!!!
After promptly bailing out of his crib in a rebelious leap inspired by insomnia (or it could have been a toy.. who knows), I decided it was time to turn Mason's crib into a toddler bed. Everyone had mixed feelings about this, citing that Mason wasn't "Mature" enough to handle being in a big boy bed. Well, "mature" or not, we didn't need a 2-year old with a broken leg...
Most little ones on the Autism Spectrum do NOT tolerate change very well. Mason, thankfully is NOT that kid! WAHOOOOO! He loved his new bed and hasn't had ONE single issue since we changed it around. That's "MY" boy!
Oh, and please disregard that big nasty bruise on his head. It's been a mainstay since Mason began to walk. I have no clue why it seems that "I" have got the CLUTZIEST kids on the PLANET!

I have this very same shot, of Ashli when she was about 14-15 months old. It was always one of my favorites! When I saw Mason looking out at the rain today, I bolted for my camera! There is something so pure and innocent about a baby gazing out into the storm....


Stacey said...

woooo hoooo Mason!!! That is so awesome!! I bet he loves that 'extra freedom'!!! Does Mommy? hee hee
fabulous pictures girl!! I can't believe how HUGE Matani is getting! Man he almost knocked me over the other day...and I was already sitting!!! lol

Helen said...

what a great update on your little man. You are a wonderful mother.

paulien710 said...

yahoooooo for Mason!!!!!!!! Love to see him in that BIG bed!!!!! and I so love that picture when he's standing at the window..... gosh..... you should be teaching, taking photographs

mosbarger said...

Great pictures!!!! Love the one of Mason looking out the window!! Let me guess...your mom has already scrapped this, with a ton of Diamond Glaze??? LOL!!! Kudos to Mason in the big bed, too!!!! Yep, it was time!!! Wouldn't want any broken bones!!!