Saturday, June 14, 2008

Today, was BIRTHDAY!

Because Ashli and Mason were born exactly 7 days apart (by two years), we hold the annual 'Mosbarger Birthday Bash' to celebrate their birthdays together on the same day. Today, was that day! I'm flat exhausted and do not even have the energy to clean up this tornado ridden house, but.. I CAN sit here and post a few pictures. Keep in mind these photos are COMPLETELY unedited. I just don't have the energy for THAT right now! Between Karin and I, we took almost 400 pictures of this party! And.... not ONE photo of the cake!

Mason had an absolute BLAST sliding into the swimming pool! I cherish smiles like this!

Oh that boy is a real beauty isn't he?

So, let me show you how to do it... Mason Style!
One leg down, one leg up...

Get yourself situated in there real good...

One last little wiggle and check before the release...

Head on down the slide doing the splits... making daddy cross his legs.

Hmmm How many beauties can we fit into this little water toy???

Priceless pieces of sidewalk art in the making!

Lets see... who's all in this one? Lexi, Calista, A.J., Tori, Jessi, Ashli and Mason... I think we were missing a kid in this shot!


Hehehe, Just Kiddin'!

She wasn't kiddin'!

Sweet summer relaxation... over on the turtle!

I just LOVE those Nemo swim trunks! Sooooooooo Cute!

A little game of run around the yard??? Lexi, Mason and Samantha.

Mommy's beautiful Luau princess!

I wonder if he's smiling because at this point, he is the only one who knows that his
"Little Swimmers" diaper thing is leaking poop into the pool?

Everybody out! Time to drain the pool! Euhmmm errr...


The End


Jodie Redman said...

Looks like they had a great time! Mason is gorgeous! I love the photo of all the kids trying to fit in the pool!

paulien710 said...

Oh my gosh..... I love these pics so much and had to laugh at the comments you placed along. Esp the diaper leaking..... lol... And then so many girls around.... I hear the screaming..... lol

Glad you all had a wonderful day!!!


Stacey said...

ohhh you did get some FABULOUS pictures!!!!! I want copies!!! The girls had sooo much fun!!! Thanks again!!!

Wendy said...

Oh MY what a WONDERFUL Birthday BASH!! You and Karin did a fantastic job!! Mason is so darn adorable and to be surrounded by all those gorgeous girls, he's a very lucky little guy!!

Helen Hancock said...

OH MY K!! I have read every word and absorbed every pixel! What a great fun day. Happy Birthday to two precious precious children. It was such a fabulous recount, I felt as if I were there. TFS my friend.

mosbarger said...

LOL!!!! These shots are fantastic- you really captured the fun!!!!!