Monday, June 16, 2008

A cute wittle wabbit!

I really do LOVE my yard. EVERY SINGLE DAY I can count on having at least one (sometimes up to six) little cotton-tail rabbit taking a rest in my lush green lawn. Sure, he may nibble here and there, but they have never in 6.5 harmed my yard. So they can STAY! Besides, I get to have cute little bunny rabbits, and I don't have to feed them OR clean up after them!
I went outside today and played "Jane Goodall" of the rabbits to get these shots. This precious little angel let me get to within about 3 feet of him, and was so comfortable that he actually groomed himself with me there~ No, I don't speak bug (Wendy does that!) But I may know a few words in cotton-tail!
hehehe this is how they 'hide'. Everytime we see the bunnies hunched down like this, we feel as though they are saying, "they can't see me, they can't see me, they can't see me!"

A little grooming to let me know, he's okay with me being there!


Celeste said...

These are so cute! my kids love bunnies -- i wonder if I should let them get one....? NAH -- I'll just let them look at your blog -- too much of a mess for me...ha ha ha. YOu asked about my pictures and filters. I DO have a polarizing filter but I didn't use it that day - I just did a little post processing and this was the result. You should check out the Pioneer Womans blog for some FREE actions (some of which I used). They are awesome!!!

Leah said...

Holy cow!!!! How you got these fantastic shots, I will never know!! Aren't they really skittish???? Anyway, they are AWESOME shots!

Take care,


Wendy said...

Ahh so your new initials are J.G.? Michael saw the photos and said I want to go see the rabbits! I told him I'd tell you he wants to come visit and play with your bunnies, lol...This is too cool in my opinion and those bunnies are suburbanites or they'd run like mad from you, lol...or maybe you do speak bunny? I can send you a few coyotes if you'd like, lol...Your photos are exceptional, which camera did you use?

Helen Hancock said...

Oh those last couple of shots are gorgeous Jane...oh I mean K! Bunnies in the backyard....yikes! And you were calling Wendy the hillbilly! Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

mosbarger said...

Beautiful shots....and rabbits!!!! I would love see some some of those critters around my yard...we only have racoons and squirrels..and a bullmastiff.

Stacey said...

ohhh what great pictures!!! I ALWAYS see bunnies on your front grass whenever I come over...LUCKY!!!!

Me :) said...

Hey Krissy, I don't know if you remember me from the bad girls contest or not. We chatted a few times about Autism (my little guy has been in an Autism Research program for over 2 years). I'm sorry to hear your son was diagnosed with Autism and that you are having difficulty getting insurance to pay for therapy. Hopefully that will change in the next few years. I wanted to give you a cyber-hug and let you know another Autism mommy is thinking about you.

Your photography is beautiful!

Tracey said...

Awwwwwwwwww gorgoues little bunny !!!! great shots too hon XXXXXXX