Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ehhh Scratch That.

Scratch that whole "Moving" thing in the post earlier. It's not happening.

The people buying our house decided to back out at the LAST POSSIBLE FREAKIN' SECOND. Actually, I got the phone call as I was shampooing carpets in my NEW house. Had to pack up the stuff I'd already taken over to the new house and lug it all back to my old house. Now, I have to unpack all our crap and don't even get a new house out of the deal. Oh, but I doooooooooo get to put my house back on the market and go through all this hell all over again. Fun huh?

I'll be in a better mood once the M&Ms and Smirnoff kick in. =o)


Amy Dodd said...

Sorry about the bad news! I hope everything works out for you in the end.

Stacey said...

you poor thing!!!! I am so sorry!!!!!!!!

Tracey said...

Awwwwww so sorry for that (((((HUGS)))))) XXX

Helen Hancock said...

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

That really s****

You poor baby.

Fingers crossed you can repack the repacking again soon.


I will go eat some chocolate for you

Wendy said...

Dog gone it!! ERGHH......I certainly feel your pain and hope the meds (lol) kick in and numb the pain. I am really sorry Krissy!! Be positive, at least try!! Maybe just maybe God has other plans for you. I'm praying for you that this works out for the best and that a buyer comes along and an even better house comes on the market just when you need it. Big HUGs!!

mosbarger said...

I am sooooooo very sorry!!!!!! Things do happen for a reason, ya know? Yeah, easy for ME to say! Again, I am sooooo sorry!!! Freakin' "mosbarger" curse!!!! What did WE ever do???????

Anonymous said...

Holey moley! I was just checking your blog to see what you've been up to and it seems like all hell broke loose. So sorry to hear about the house and the car accident. What a pain in the neck! Things always happen for a reason though and I'm sure the sun will shine again soon! I'll have a drink for you tonight, too!