Saturday, December 8, 2007

What can I buy with a Lollipop?

Me - Ashli, we need to take some pictures for your Grandma.
Ashli - No.
Me - Ashli, Grandma NEEDS some cute pics of you in your NEW Santa hat!!!
Ashli - Oh. Okayyyyyyyy.
Me- Can you make a sad face? Grandma wants a pic with a SAD face.
Ashli - Smiles.
Me - No, honey. A sad face, like Thomas can you do a sad face?
Ashli - No.
Me (fed up, after 30 minutes of this) - What If I give you a lollipop?
Ashli - (suddenly excited and feeling cooperative) OKAY!!!!!
Me - Okay, before you get a lollipop you have to show me a sad face Okay?
Ashli - Gives me THESE faces... for the NEXT 20 minutes while demanding her 'payment'.

I give up. She just doesn't 'DO' sad faces Grandma! LOL!!


Crystalyn Thorsen said...

Here's the trick with mine: Tell her to smile, guaranteed pouts. Tell her to pout, guaranteed smiles.

Hope that helps ;)

Helen Hancock said...

LOL....not even for a lollipop! Ha! She is so adorable...why do sad when you can just do Ashli!

sjtowers said...

hee hee she is soooooo cute!!!!

Lori Kelso said...

Hee, I think Crystalyn has it worked out exactly right!! Adorable, nonetheless!! Love the natural light, and the catchlights in her eyes!

Wendy said...

ROFLMAO....Oh just too FUNNY and too SWEET!! I agree with H just do ASHLI!! Loved the journaling too...You really made my day with this!! I'm glad I am not the only one who has a child who hates Momma's camera!! Thank you so much K....

TheresaK said...

SUCH cute pics!