Saturday, November 17, 2007

A special visit from an old friend...

What a WONDERFUL surprise I got last week when the people we sold our Eclectus to called to say they were in town for a bird show, and wanted to know if we wanted to keep Dobby for the weekend! YES! YES! YES! Of COURSE we want Dobby for the weekend! YEEEEEEESSSSS!
You see, I ordered Dobby (yes, we named him after the little green house elf on Harry Potter) as an egg from Florida about 5 years ago. He came to me with no feathers. Gregg and I bottle fed him from day one. He was our little angel.
Sadly, we had to sell Dobby last November when Gregg began working nights. It was just too noisy for Gregg to sleep during the day with a bird in the house. I know , I know. Should have sold my husband instead! Anyway, after being gone an entire year, my angel came home for the weekend. I was worried that he wouldn't remember us. That we would just be some strangers that he gets to go visit with. I brought him in and familiarized him with the layout of the house. Then, to my AMAZEMENT, he called out for Gregg! Then he called out for Borris, my cat! HE REMEMBERS US!!!!! OH HAPPY DAY! He called for Ashli and even called for another bird we used to have named Gus~ AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
Dobby always has been the sweetest little bird I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Since the day I brought him home, he has NEVER and I mean NEVER bit one person. Never even THOUGHT to apply pressure with his beak. I know Dobby VERY well, and I am 100% OVERLY confident in his temperament. (Not to mention that he is a therapy bird too). This is why I'm posting these OH SO SWEET photos that I took while he was here. Never in a million years would I EVER advocate putting a parrot anywhere near a young child, let alone ON that child. But, as I said before. I know MY bird. I know his tollerance and how to read his mood. I also know my daughter's abilities when it comes to handling this particular bird.
Long warning short - Don't EVER let any child hold, or get too close to any bird. Birds can be very very dangerous.
*Stepping off my soapbox*

Oh how I miss him, but I know he has gone to the most WONDERFUL home! They love him, like 'I' love him and that is all that matters. Not to mention, they will bring him home to me whenever I want him. Since they live about 5 hours away, they've also insisted that I can keep Dobbs with me whenever and for however long i'd like! AND, They are writing us into their will! Should something happen to them, Dobby will come home to us. God blessed us, and Dobby when he sent these people our way~ Man, I love this amazing bird.
BTW - Dobby is a Male 5 year old Soloman Island Eclectus.
Thanks for looking~


Tracey said...

what wonderful photos, I am so glad you and your family got to spend this special time with Dobby XXX

sjtowers said...

ohhhh those pictures are darling!!! I love the last one of Ashli in the santa hat!!! too cute!!

Wendy said...

Oh Krissy he is beautiful. Just absolutely gorgeous. I love my birds too. I had Magoo a green Indian ring neck, he was my baby!! But I had the same problem only I was the one working nights, sigh!! I miss Magoo, the people that I gave him too loved him too but their dog loved him even more and ate him, I sobbed when I found out!! Right now we have Rio a Latino Cockatiel. She was not hand raised and is not very friendly. She tolerates me and loves Fred. She was given to us when she was a year old and I have not been able to tamer her. I'm hoping someday to have another hand raised ring neck...down here they go for about $180. The Macaws go for $800 and my girlfriend in Michigan wants one so bad...I'll stick with my Cockatiels for the moment. I raised canaries for 4 yrs and made enough money off of them to buy a 16 ft stock trailer, Yea birds!! Doddy is beautiful and I know your excitement at being able to see him again and soo glad you found a GREAT home for him.

Helen Hancock said...

What a fantastic story K....I am smiling from ear to ear. I just adore the name (I am on the last few pages of the final Harry Potter book) and think it is perfect for a parrot. How exciting that he remembered you all and the photos are simply gorgeous. How wonderful to know he is in a good home. Such a happy story.

mosbarger said...

Oh, I just love these pictures!!! Ashli looks so content!!!! Glad you were able to care for him for a few days!